Two Ways I Figured On How To Work At Home

Two of the hottest jobs right now are people who are paid to take surveys and freelance advertisers. Let’s talk about the two.First, Survey Takers. Could you imagine being paid to sit in front of your computer to answer questions that take 10 minutes? Pretty simple right? Yes, absolutely. The way it works is that you apply at hundreds of market research firms that allow you to take surveys. For every survey that you complete, the Market Research firm will pay you anywhere for $.50 to $4.00, depending on the survey you are taking. If you wanted to make an additional $100 a day, then you would need to complete 25 $4 surveys. The only problem is that, there may not be many $4 surveys. Some surveys could be a dollar or slightly more. Either way, you can make a couple dollars if you devote quite a bit of time to it.Another aspect of taking survey is the “try it” offer. You can get cash or prized for taking a survey then trying out a couple products. For example, a market research firm you signed up with can say, “take this survey and win $200″ Once you take the survey it takes you through to collect your $200. Here’s the catch: You have to try 2 or more offers they have on the page to qualify (for a CHANCE to win that money or cash prize). And most of the offers that you have to try require credit cards. The company doesn’t charge the consumer at that time (which is, or should be, clearly explained on the page). They may charge your card a $1 hold to make sure the card is good.Second, Freelance Advertisers. Could you imagine being paid when someone else “tries” an offer from a company? Yes, absolutely! The way this works is that you partner with an advertising brokerage. Most advertising brokerages market to work at home. As you sit in front of your computer, you send “traffic” to our partner companies websites. Once the consumer tries an offer, you get paid every time. Here is what is really cool about something like this. It doesn’t matter if the consumer keeps the product or not, you get paid. There is no charge back or reversal on your pay check or anything. There is NO selling involved in these jobs where you work at home.If you truly need money or know someone that does, do not hesitate to look into any of these programs that pay daily. The main difference between the two is that being a Survey Taker pays you a lot less than a Freelance Advertiser except you have a LOT more opportunities because there are MILLIONS of surveys being done. Being a Freelance Advertiser pays very well consistently but we partner with only 100 or so companies. Either way, you can make a great part-time income at your new work at home job.

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