The Truth About Video Marketing: Let’s Get Real and Bust Some Video Myths

There’s a lot of hype these days surrounding Online Video Marketing. In fact, web video may have more myths and misconceptions than most Hollywood tabloid stories. So let’s set the record straight once and for all. Let’s get all the misinformation out in the open and reveal the REAL truth about Video Marketing… There are plenty of lame excuses why some entrepreneurs still aren’t embracing video as a promotional resource, so let’s debunk some video myths and make it less “scary!”

Myth #1: Video is too damn technical.

The Real Deal: Video has never been easier, and it’s surprisingly low-tech. Unlike “back in the day” when I worked at E! Entertainment Television, you do not need an editing suite full of fancy equipment. A $40 webcam or a $140 Flip Video camera is more than enough to get started. Need editing software? Forget it! Go to online and use their cool tools for free. It’s not too techie anymore. If you can do PowerPoint, you can do video.

Myth #2: Video is too expensive/I need to buy equipment.

The Real Deal: Continuing on our earlier theme, you don’t have to invest anything to get started with video. If you have a webcam, great. If not, you don’t even need a camera to create video! Check out free websites like or to create easy videos on the fly with just photos and some music. And remember, video hosting sites like YouTube are completely free and easy to use. Online Video has truly become “low-hanging fruit” for marketers.

Myth #3: I need to look like Brad or Angelina to be on camera.

The Real Deal: YouTube has taken video to the masses, and allows us to be ourselves on camera, bad hair day or not! The truth is no one is watching your video to see “who you’re wearing.” They are watching to get ideas and information from you. In the world of online video, content always wins out over quality. Deliver value and don’t worry about your wardrobe.

Myth #4: I don’t have anything important to say/I don’t know what to say.

The Real Deal: Seriously? You’re an entrepreneur with a product or service to sell and you don’t know what to say? There has never been an easier way to get YOUR message out to the masses than with video, so gather your thoughts and say your piece. If you’re still camera shy and prefer to deliver your message another way, let’s not forget those fast, fun and free online resources like Animoto, Jing, or OneTrueMedia. Just add photos and your text and you’re on your way!

Myth #5: Video is just for the Internet Gurus and “big-time” online marketers.

The Real Deal: No way! The playing field has been totally leveled by online video. We all have access to the same equipment and resources. The best creative idea will always win out – not necessarily the marketer with the biggest list. Video has a low barrier to entry, so you definitely don’t need to be a marketing superstar to get in the game. Your video does not have to be a Hollywood extravaganza (unless you want to hire me!) and you just need a creative way to deliver your message. There’s no longer any need to feel intimidated or overwhelmed by video marketing.

So what’s your excuse for not using video to build your brand and boost your business? ‘Fess up to your video excuse below and we’ll see if we can’t debunk a few more myths! I look forward to seeing you on YouTube very soon!

Still need help getting started? Check out, the home-study program that Denise and I created together. It is THE easiest and quickest way to tackle online video!

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Two Ways I Figured On How To Work At Home

Two of the hottest jobs right now are people who are paid to take surveys and freelance advertisers. Let’s talk about the two.First, Survey Takers. Could you imagine being paid to sit in front of your computer to answer questions that take 10 minutes? Pretty simple right? Yes, absolutely. The way it works is that you apply at hundreds of market research firms that allow you to take surveys. For every survey that you complete, the Market Research firm will pay you anywhere for $.50 to $4.00, depending on the survey you are taking. If you wanted to make an additional $100 a day, then you would need to complete 25 $4 surveys. The only problem is that, there may not be many $4 surveys. Some surveys could be a dollar or slightly more. Either way, you can make a couple dollars if you devote quite a bit of time to it.Another aspect of taking survey is the “try it” offer. You can get cash or prized for taking a survey then trying out a couple products. For example, a market research firm you signed up with can say, “take this survey and win $200″ Once you take the survey it takes you through to collect your $200. Here’s the catch: You have to try 2 or more offers they have on the page to qualify (for a CHANCE to win that money or cash prize). And most of the offers that you have to try require credit cards. The company doesn’t charge the consumer at that time (which is, or should be, clearly explained on the page). They may charge your card a $1 hold to make sure the card is good.Second, Freelance Advertisers. Could you imagine being paid when someone else “tries” an offer from a company? Yes, absolutely! The way this works is that you partner with an advertising brokerage. Most advertising brokerages market to work at home. As you sit in front of your computer, you send “traffic” to our partner companies websites. Once the consumer tries an offer, you get paid every time. Here is what is really cool about something like this. It doesn’t matter if the consumer keeps the product or not, you get paid. There is no charge back or reversal on your pay check or anything. There is NO selling involved in these jobs where you work at home.If you truly need money or know someone that does, do not hesitate to look into any of these programs that pay daily. The main difference between the two is that being a Survey Taker pays you a lot less than a Freelance Advertiser except you have a LOT more opportunities because there are MILLIONS of surveys being done. Being a Freelance Advertiser pays very well consistently but we partner with only 100 or so companies. Either way, you can make a great part-time income at your new work at home job.

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The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review – Health and Fitness Book of the Year

The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary dives into the real reasons why many of us struggle to achieve six pack abs and overall body conditioning. Six pack abs are the center point of overall body development, and it’s no surprise why fitness models, bodybuilders and cover models grace the front pages of health magazines promoting the latest miracle supplement and new exercise equipment. The Truth About Six Pack Abs smashes the myths and disinformation of traditional training regimes and diets.Unlike the traditional approaches published by personal trainers, fitness guru’s and the health/supplement industry, Mike focuses on the real reason why people struggle to achieve flat sexy six pack abs. The biggest myth that has been taken for gospel by those looking to get in shape is that they believe problem areas can be targeted by spot reducing fat in trouble areas. Unfortunately for most, television and magazines show before and after pictures and videos of people achieving abs with their products such as supplements or the latest whiz bang ab equipment. The truth is that the most critical component in achieving six pack abs is a sound, balanced diet and training regime.Although the title of the book makes one assume its solely about Six Pack Abs, the book itself covers every facet of training, diet, nutrition available through years of research and experience. Don’t be fooled by the name, The Truth About Six Pack Abs will help you achieve amazing overall body conditioning through diet and training programs provided by Mike.Mike’s does not mince words, in fact he is brutally honest in revealing what one must do to achieve their goals and obtain six pack abs fast, Hard work, dedication and discipline. This program explores proven methods of training and diet to get results fast, most of these methods used by cover models, bodybuilders and athletes have been kept hidden from the masses until now.Remember, Nutrition is the most important part of any conditioning program. Supercharge your metabolism and melt of fat in all your problem areas. Stop believing the lies from the supplement and health industry who want nothing more than for you to through money into their pockets and fuel their multi-billion dollar a year industry.Mike teaches and provides you with:- Motivation to set powerful goals
- Provides over 80 meal plans
- Over 50 exercise programs and routines
- Reveals nutritional secrets
- Supercharge your metabolism to melt off fast fast.
- Hidden secrets of the supplement and health industry
- Breaks the myths conventional training and diet programsIt’s no surprise that The Truth About Six Pack Abs has become one of the most popular and highest selling books on health and fitness since its release. With bonus books and guides included, The Truth About Six Pack Abs provides insight and powerful information about health and fitness rarely seen in only one product. It is truly great value for money product.

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