The Low Carb Lifestyle – Oh My!

If you were to read the popular websites in this area, it would be quite understandable if you decided to totally forget about a low carb diet. After all, you want to live past your fortieth birthday, maintain your muscle tone, free yourself of bad breath, and rid yourself of arthritic symptoms, and so on. All of these plus countless more problems are all associated with the low carb lifestyle if you were to believe them.

As with all alterations to your eating habits and physical activity, you absolutely must seek the opinion and advice of your healthcare professional. It could very well be that certain changes, for you particularly, are not advised.

Now, back to the lifestyle thing.

The devil’s advocate will tell you that you simply can not do without bread, potatoes, alcohol, etc. How are you going to enjoy a restaurant outing? You just can not accept that bad breath thing associated with big words like Ketosis. Traveling for a living makes it impossible to stick to a low carb meal plan. There is now way you are going to keep any weight loss over the long term, so why start.

Oh My!

We will not get into all the political, economic or correctness issues associate with this subject. So, let’s take a look at how your day to day life may change if you were to launch into this lifestyle change.

A pre-requisite is to read and understand all you can about the subject and choose the diet most in tune with your preferences.

In most cases, it will take some weeks to be at home with what eating choices are available to you. Once this sinks in, the reverse will happen. You will simply ignore those foods you should not choose. In fact, desiring these foods is often driven by hunger but that sensation will be gone. Yup! You are not going to be hungry. Again… you are not going to be hungry. On a low calorie/low fat diet you are going to be hungry. You know that feeling. You may be able to deal with it while you are losing the weight but can you keep it up for a lifetime? We could stop right there, but there is so much more.

You will lose weight and just as exciting, you will lose inches. There is nothing that will energize a lifestyle more than getting into that dress or shorts you have been fantasizing about. There are going to be times when weight loss will plateau but inches will continue to reduce.

The renewed energy delivered by this approach will fuel interest in doing more physically. As the body begins to feed on its own fat deposits, the increase in physical activity will tone your body.

As mentioned earlier, the medically related issues should be left to your professionals but it stands to reason that gradual, consistent weight loss will result in increase well being. You should be sleeping much better as well.

Those who travel quite often or are accustomed to eating in restaurants will tell you that most of these establishments have come to terms with low carb needs. They have modified their menus to address your requirements without sacrificing flavor or presentation. In those rare cases when this is not the case, substitutions are easy. Most high carb choices such as potatoes or bread can be tastefully substituted by the kitchen staff. This hold true for house parties or picnics as well.

Feeling and looking better plus regaining long lost energy provides those of us who have adopted the low carb lifestyle with a long lasting foundation. If you are eating all you wish without hunger, losing weight and inches along the way and having the energy to pursue the pleasures you allow yourself, then you have just joined us. Welcome!

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